7A16P Programmable Amplifier


Fully Programmable Plug-In for 7912AD or 7612D Digitizers Only
10mV/div to 5V/div Calibrated Deflection Factors
200 MHz Bandwidth (7900 Family)
50 Ohm or 1 Mohm input Selectable

The Tektronix 7A16P is designed for use in the 7000 series programmable digitizers. All of the normal operational features of a high-quality, wide-band 7000 Series plug-in amplifier are provided in the 7A16P. These are available at the front panel for manual selection, or they can be set under program control via program control via a programmable mainframe and the GPIB. Whether operated manually or under program control, the front-panel push buttons light to indicate plug-in status.

Lieber "DG 5 MKQ" ich danke Dir für die Fotos, thank you for the photos.

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