Tektronix 7633 Storage Oscilloscope 100 MHz

Tektronix 7633 storage oscilloscope

100 MHz fast storage oscilloscope with three plug-in

The Tektronix 7633 is a fast storage scope designed for fast writing rate storage applications. The 7633 operates in three display modes NON-STORE, STORE and SAVE and four storage modes FAST VAR PERSISTS, FAST BISTABLE, VAR PERSISTS, BISTABLE. The device can be worked also in an reduced scan mode (the scree appears smaller, resulting in an higher writing speed if necessary).

Was an excellent instrument in times without digital storage scopes. Still today a good general purpose oscilloscope for many applications. A good choice for example together with the spectrum analyzer series (e.g. 7L12) or for low horizontal deflection rates and fast storage applications.

  • fastets calibrated sweep rate 5 nanoseconds

  • vertical deflection bandwith 100 MHz, depending on plug in amplifier.

  • three compartment plug in

  • vairable persistance

  • Erase screen button (auto periodic or manual)

  • stored writing speed in full scan:


  • FAST BISTABLE 50div/Ás

  • VAR PERSISTS 0.5div/Ás

  • BISTABLE 0.03div/Ás

  • stored writing speed in reduced scan:

  • FAST VAR PERSISTS 2222div/Ás

  • FAST BISTABLE 4000div/Ás

  • VAR PERSISTS 3div/Ás

  • BISTABLE 0.2div/Ás

  • calibrator output 40mV, 400mV and 4V (1 kHz square wave)

  • camera connector, external Z-axis input, vertical adjustable and triggered readout character size, 

  • maximum power consumption 190W, AC line voltage selectable 110V or 230V, ventilated device

  • acceleration potential voltage 8 kV (10 kV in the reduce scan mode), beamfinder

  • weight 30 lb or 13.6 kg   size HWL 12-8.7-23.7 inch or 30.4-23-50.2 cm

  • device was available also in the rackmount version R7633

Tektronix 7633 Speicheroszilloskope Front

Tektronix 7633 fast storage scope

Tektronix 7633 storage oscilloscope open side

Tektronix 7633 storage oscilloscope open side

Lars from Hamburg, thank you for the photos

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