Type 284 Pulse Generator tr<=70ps

Fast Rise-Time Generator

The Tektronix Type 284 is a very fast Pulse Generator and comes with a risetime of <=70ps with 50 kHz repetition rate. This repetition rate is high enough for a clear display on oscilloscopes, compared to the approx. low 700 Hz repetition rate of the Type 109 mercury relais pulse generator a big advantage.

The instrument is fast enough for testing Sampling Oscilloscopes or vertical amplifier risetime. Another application are fast pulse in Time Domain Reflectometry or any general purpose risetime measurement. The second output has either a square-wave or sine-wave output.

Square Wave: 100 kHz, 1 MHz and 10 MHz with a 50% Duty Cycle and 1V, 100mV and 10mV amplitude into 50 ohms.
Sine Wave: 100 MHz and 1 GHz with a 100mV amplitude into 50 ohms.

Pulse Amplitude: >=+200mV
Low Pulse Flatness <=3%p-p within the first 2ns.
Pretrigger capability.

The Service Manual has a lot of useful information about this instrument and application hints, it's really worth to search for it. This instrument is seldom available. Sometimes it is selled cheap on second hand markets, but in most cases the price is high. There are not many generators available at all with such a fast risetime. Unfortunately the shown instrument don't work, it has a fault in the power supply and will be repaired during wintertime.

Selectable voltage range, takes not more than 30 seconds changing the supply voltage range. Two fuses within the holder, one for each range.

Outputs came with General Radio GR-874 connectors, which are unfortunately no more build on test equipment. The instrument is newly received and not yet cleaned.

The instrument can be slide out of the mainframe, very easy to reach all parts when repairing or service, takes not more than 10 seconds to slide out.

Amazing Layout

seems to be an airline with the tunnel diode mounted inside.

somebody already repaired something inside

The previous owner supplied the instrument with two GR-874 to BNC adapters, which are getting seldom nowadays. One can't buy these adaptors on every street in town.

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